Artificial Intelligence

Increase efficiency, grow revenue and improve customer experience

Fields of use

01Artificial Intelligence for Audit

Decrease timeframe for extracting exact information from database of your client, increase your productivity and save time, both for you and for your customer. Process more files in less time. Make your audit easier and more efficient at the same time with a help of AI options.

02Artificial Intelligence for Recruiting

Using smart AI software within your company helps to diminish surftime for finding “right” candidate significantly. Instant search throughout whole applicants database abide with your requirements will deploy you all proper talents out of the pool so acquisition procedure is no more lingering.

03Artificial Intelligence for Insurance

Instead of paying for reimbursement of expenses that are costly for your company, it’s better to predict the risks and to prevent them. Succeed in risk analyze applying AI capacities. Evade insecure assets - augment your profit with AI software.

04Artificial Intelligence for Logistic

Simplify all complex processes of your business in one shot with a help of AI. AI software will maximize your resources by reducing the time and money spent on sorting out how, where and when to send a package to a certain place.

05Artificial Intelligence for Health & Care

Extend your clinic organization diagnoz procedure to utmost level with AI in order to give your clients competent service. Using AI makes it possible to store, proceed and analyze all the medical records of the patient and sequently prescribe exactly that treatment which is required in each case. Healthy patients - healthy profit.

06Artificial Intelligence for eCommerce

Embed customer-centric search approach for your business using AI solutions. You know your target audience and AI knows how to find it in network. AI software automatically recognize potential buyers of what you sell.

07Artificial Intelligence for Real Estate

Gain benefits for your industry with AI that can define the market value of a building and forecast demand in the market estimating the location and its features. Meet your customers preferences in easy way. AI can help you find desirable or similar property at any location by classifying images and using search engine that recognize what you are looking for.

08Artificial Intelligence for FinTech

Improve the accuracy of your company decision-making with a help of AI capabilities. Data-driven control of resolutions reduce costs, time and refine the quality of decisions that are crucial for your business. Machines analyze the data and provide hint, which can help managers take better decision.

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Why Computools?


Access to expertise and Computools own key niche solutions provides saving time.


Computools LLC innovation management performance was valued by world experts in IMP³rove Academy.

ISO 9001:2015

Computools processes is certified according to international standards and has been refined by years of experience.

A Wide Range of Technology Stack

Computools’ multi technology experience allows select optimal technology for product development.


Computools values openness and transparency in all business processes thus you will always know what stage the development is.


Computools builds long-term relationships. This value forms the foundation of the company.


Main priority of the project team is your business goals, unique differentiators and challenges.


Low staff turnover by to geography and leadership in the region.

Partnering with countries

Computools' international associations' membership allows to better understand the needs and particular features of customers around the world.

IT clusters – collaboration

Computools supports collaboration with IT Professional Associations for experience and knowledge exchange, innovative solutions' development.

Award wins

The high level of Computools’ IT-expertise awarded and appreciated by awards and recognitions.

Continuing Skills Enhancement

Regular internal seminars, training, and workshops contribute to the continuous improvement of the company's engineers skills.

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